Spring 2022 Schedule Archive: Arts + Design Fridays

Spring 2022 Schedule
Arts + Design Fridays: Perseverance, Renewal, and Reflection in a Changing World


On chilly Saturday, winter graduates turn to their future

Xander Young was just a few weeks into his first semester at UC Berkeley in March 2020 when in-person life ended and he, and all his fellow classmates, moved classes, clubs and college comradery online.

Campus launched the Berkeley Discovery Initiative in hopes of transforming the undergraduate experience at UC Berkeley.

The goal of the campuswide plan is to ensure every undergraduate has the opportunity to pursue creative, independent “discovery projects” that can serve as a career foundation.

“Truly lost.” That’s how Ivan Chavez says he felt when he arrived at UC Berkeley in fall 2018.

Fall 2021 Schedule Archive: Arts + Design Mondays

Fall 2021 Schedule
Arts + Design Mondays: Perseverance, Renewal, and Reflection in a Changing World


Fall 2021 Schedule Archive: Arts + Design Thursdays

Fall 2021 Schedule
Arts+Design Thursdays: Creativity in Practice

Whether you’re searching for a unique gift by a local artist or you want to support those in need this holiday season, UC Berkeley has what you’re looking for — and everything in between. Stop by the Berkeley Art Studio’s pop-up shop for handcrafted ceramics or visit the campus’s thrift store ReUSE for gifts on a budget.

Kristen Hwang ('21) Wins Student Academy Award for Best Documentary

Kristen Hwang’s thesis documentary, “When They’re Gone,” about humanity’s fragile dependence on nature and the consequences of industrializing honey bees for crop pollination, has won the top honor for student documentary filmmaking in the 48th Student Academy Awards.


Judging from what’s onscreen in the documentary Bad Attitude: The Art of Spain Rodriguez, the late artist—birth name: Manuel Rodriguez—likely could never get his most provocative graphic arts work published or exhibited today in a mainstream platform.

Spooky season is here, and it’s looking like the kids will be able to trick-or-treat for All Hallows’ Eve this year — pandemic restrictions permitting. Brush up on your spookiest dad jokes, deck out the front yard and fill a big bowl with wrapped candies, pencils or whatever treats you can conjure up before Oct. 31.